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A New First-Person Horror Experience! Eerie and atmospheric nightmare where nothing is as it seems! True fear awaits!


OMINOUS plays as a first person horror game, similar in manner of games such as PT,Outlast, and Visage among others! There are a few jumpscare moments. However, the atmosphere and horrific environments, as well as....her... is what provides the uneasy horror feel.


The game follows an every-man. He is trapped in what seems to be an unending nightmare. He journeys through with the hope of finding answers to why he is experiencing such things. The lies of the past are what he must examine in order to make sense of the nightmarish visions he is seeing. Through it all, his answer awaits him. However, it may come at a horrific price.


W|A|S|D [Move Around]

MOUSE [Look Around]

E [Interact]

C [Crouch]

ESC [Pause Menu]



This game is intended to scare, Play at your own discretion! I am a Single Man Production Team! So Please feel free to also leave feedback!

Katherine is meant to be HARD! The best bet is to crouch when she is near, and listen to her whereabouts. the ambient music is there to throw you off a bit, but she can still be heard. She is alerted when you run and when you walk around her. And yes, she can go through walls.... Good Luck 


Copyright © [080] Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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This game was interesting at the least. Very hard since the sprint is so slow. If you are seen you are catch, and the fact that she could walk through walls made it tough. Otherwise I liked the story and Concept.


I like the story, the design of the levels and monsters is interesting, and got a few good scares out of me, but her ability to run through walls without having any audio telling you where she is ruined the fun for me.

You gotta listen for her. Her breathing is audio telling you she is near! And yes she can go through walls haha!



Great fundamentals just a few bugs with the A.I 


Monster is great and creepy, I do wish the lights come on a bit earlier in hallways. Fun puzzle in the middle. Great job on the game! 

I definitely enjoyed this game a lot Spooky and made me jump xD


I just played for 7 minutes in the night and I got so freaked out that I seriously peed my pants. This Game is AWESOME! I'm gonna send it to my friend. XD

Haha Glad You Enjoyed My Friend!





Hey , Nice game , Ambiance is really good ! 



Thank you!


Cool game. I'm not really sure what to do when i run into that enemy but i still enjoyed the experience. 

You gotta turn around and run in the opposite direction of where she appears!


Ah, gotcha. It was so dark, i couldn't see what the hell i was doing haha. I love the way it looks though. Gonna have to try again tonight after work.


interesting game. very different from many games out there. Maybe the only problem I have with it is that is badly optimised (or maybe its fault of my potato computer idk). But overall good game. keep up :)

btw if you are interested, check my video:

Thanks man! I haven't gotten any other optimization complaints but I will look into it just in case!

i think its my potato computer :)


The developer let me try this game for free even though it's free now but I got frustreted with the fact that she can go through walls to get you but I liked everything else the atmoshpere the puzzle to get the code just wish it was a bit longer.

Ive added an extended part to the second level! Its available on this page now! It also helps you learn Katherine's tendencies. Great Video man! (And ya I nerfed her a bit as well)